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Pest control Pakistan

Pest control Pakistan Pest control Pakistan industries, TPL Services have been serving  pest control industry since 1990. We are specialized in stored products fumigation, termite proofing and other structural pests control. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats / mice, flies, ants, bed bugs and beetles control in residential and commercial sectors are handled ecologically. Group of Entomologists are [...]

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Quarantine fumigation and phytocertificate

Quarantine fumigation and phyto certificate quarantine fumigation certificate is issued by The Planters (Pvt) Limited - (TPL Services ) on authorization by Department of Plant Protection. This certificate are issued to export shipment in container, ships and cargo planes. phytosanitary certificates Phytosanitary certificates are issued to indicate that consignments of plants, plant products or other [...]

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WASPS & BEES CONTROL More than 100 species of wasps & bees inhabit Pakistan, of which a good number, are social creatures that live in colonies ranging from half a dozen to 15,000 members. The females have egg-laying structures called ovipositors, which also work as stingers and can inflict painful stings when provoked. The most [...]

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ants control Rawalpindi / Islamabad

ants control Ants may be small, but they can cause big problems. Ants enter your home through the tiniest cracks. While doing so, they leave behind a scent so others of their like can follow the trail to food. ants control chemical only kill the ants you see. To be truly effective, a treatment must [...]

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how to control cockroaches?

COCKROACHES CONTROL Cockroaches control is done effectively if you can understand their behavior and habitat. Found in abundance throughout the world, cockroaches rank among the oldest and most resilient of insects on the planet. The ubiquitous and hardy creatures first appeared on the earth roughly 400 million years ago and have evolved minimally over time. [...]

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Detia degesch products in Pakistan

Detia degesch products in Pakistan Aluminum phosphide and megnecium phosphide tablets Degesch plate in Pakistan TPL Services - The Planters (Pvt) Limited are authorized distributors of Detia Degesch Germany of their products in Pakistan. DEGESCH PLATES - MAGNESIUM PHOSPHIDE DETIA TABLETS - ALUMINUM PHOSPHIDE DETIA RODENTICIDES DDE - DIATOMACIOUS EARTH All products are readily [...]

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insects pheromones traps in Pakistan

insects pheromones traps in Pakistan stored products pests monitoring and assessment INSECT TRAPS Following insect pheromones traps are available at TPL Services store with free shipping: STORED TOBACCO BEETLE PHEROMONES TRAPS - SERRICO TRAPS                          DUAL MOTH SUPPRESSION KIT BLACK STRIPE DELTA KIT [...]

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stored products fumigation in Pakistan

stored products fumigation in Pakistan stored tobacco fumigation About 100 million tonnes of food are lacking every year all over the wporld. 800 millions tonne deficit in an about 20 years . The main causes of this global crisis, besides rampant population grown in Africa and parts of Asia in particular, are the enormous post-harvest [...]

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bed bugs control Rawalpindi / Islamabad

bed bugs eradication Bed bugs control needs a detail inspection and continuous monitoring. Bedbugs are small, wingless insects that feed on the blood of people and animals while they sleep. They are easily moved from room to room on infested objects. Bedbugs cannot easily climb metal or polished surfaces and cannot fly or jump. [...]

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