It won’t be wrong if we state that bed bugs are the most hated pest worldwide. We agree that this pesky pest does not show strong signs of health hazards, but their presence spreads a sense of annoyance. Thriving on the blood of humans and animals, bed bugs are a reason for homeowners to panic, not just in Islamabad and Rawalpindi but all around the world.

Below mentioned is detailed information outlining the harmful effects, bed bugs can have on health and other aspects of life. As these pests reproduce at a high rate, it is crucial to call for professional help at the initial sign of infestation. So, even if you spot a single bed bug, don’t delay in calling the professional exterminator and get the issue under control before it is too late.

Here are top 3 reasons that tell why bed bugs are dangerous

Reason #1 – Allergies

Several human beings develop allergies when they come in contact with chemicals released by insect bites. These victims often develop welts, redness and swelling of the skin along with inflammation. For a few individuals, these signs might get serious and transform into severe reactions.

In rare scenarios, systemic reactions have been recorded that resulted in heavy breathing, sweating, and anaphylaxis, to people bitten by bed bugs. However, when reactions like these begin to appear, it is highly recommended to seek medical help without delay.

Reason #2 – Transporters of Germs

Science proves that like other pests, even bed bugs have the capacity to transport germs. But the good news is, to date, there has been no concrete evidence of these germs being passed on to humans. But a study conducted in 2014 at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine states that bed bugs who fed on the blood of  trypanosoma cruzi infected mice, later transmitted the parasitic to an uninfected mouse. So, we cannot completely deny the chances.

Reason #3 – Effects on Mental Health

Even if we consider the fact that bed bugs don’t spread health hazards, we cannot deny their negative impact on the mind. Bed bug invasion is not only responsible for sleepless nights, but they also can develop issues like anxiety and nervousness.

Remember, bed bugs are a nuisance pest and they won’t leave your home easily. A few weird facts like their ability to survive without food and water for several months make them even more difficult for a household. So, never overlook any signs of their presence in your home. When you see any sign of their presence in your home call a pest control service.