As professional exterminators in Islamabad & Rawalpindi, we often come across phone calls for pest termination assistance where people have stories about how their pest control tricks failed miserably.

To help you not fall for such tricks, here is a set of Pest Control Myths you should be aware about.

Myth #1 – Rodents Love Cheese

Mice love cheese is a concept that works well only with cartoon films. There are various other rational ways to bait these creatures. In fact, expert’s advice to keep the mice trap in places that are not easily accessible by kids or pets. You might just put them at risk.
Honestly speaking, taming mice and rodents is a tricky job. For hundred percent relief, it is advised to go for professional services.

Myth #2 – You Don’t Need Professionals Until There Is an Infestation

We usually come across cases, where residents try and test various pest control ways but end up with an infestation. As pests can be a threat to life as well as property, we strongly recommend hiring professional services at the earliest. There is no point in waiting.

Myth #3 – Half lemon + Cloves = No ants

Well, this is one weird trick we came across. Well, we tried the same to check if it worked. But to our surprise, the ants just walked past the lemon pierced with cloves & found an easy way inside.
So, yes this is just another myth.

Myth #4 – Pets Can Keep Rodents Away

Perhaps, a cat or dog might be able to tackle the entry of a single rodent, but they cannot help stop the infestation. Like your pets, even rodents have an instinct that helps them secretly enter your premises without being noticed. Attracted to the scent of food, it is hard to simply rely on your pets for rodent control. Instead, it is best to go for professionals.

Myth #5 – Pest Control Can Be Risky for Health

This is another misconception that prevents people from seeking professional help. Nowadays, pest control companies are very concerned about the health aspect. Hence, the chemicals employed are eco-friendly and much safer than products from the past.

Pro tip – To avoid the risk factor, we recommend you select pest companies that are tried and tested and adheres to every safety standard. However, it is a great practice to ask your pest control company about the products they are going to use as a part of the treatment. For better clarity, you can look up more information on the internet.
We agree that there are various myths about pest – control, but the truth is that leaving the issue unattended can lead to concern. Hence, no matter what people say, it is better to get the information confirmed by experienced professionals. In fact, it’s best not to delay and hire professional pest control services. It will save you from a lot of discomforts and additional cost.