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Bizarre Pest Control Myths You Are Unaware About

As professional exterminators in Islamabad & Rawalpindi, we often come across phone calls for pest termination assistance where people have stories about how their pest control tricks failed miserably. To help you not fall for such tricks, here is a set of Pest Control Myths you should be aware about. Myth #1 – Rodents Love [...]

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When Should I Call An Exterminator?

Residents in Islamabad & Rawalpindi are expected to call in for professional pest control services at some point. Roaches, bed bugs, ants, rodents, and termites are few of the pests very common in the area. But the bigger problem is the ability of these pests to hide and reproduce at a faster rate. Often it gets [...]

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Top 5 Signs of Roach Infestation

Besides being creepy looking, cockroaches are also harbingers of unhealthy living conditions and carriers of several serious diseases ranging from food poisoning to typhoid. It is never a good idea to have cockroaches scurrying about freely in your home. If this happens, it could indicate roach infestation which, if left unattended, could swiftly spiral into [...]

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How to identify termite’s presence and control them?

It is an easy task to pick termites when someone asks you about a pest that would never go extinct. Termites have been a species thriving on earth for over 250 million years and believe it or not, there are over 2,000 species of them all over the world. As a matter of fact, at [...]

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Cold Weather Pests

Even though most of the country is facing record low’s this season, the pests in Islamabad & Rawalpindi do not hibernate throughout the winter. Because we have a relatively moderate winter climate, several pests have adapted to moving into our homes order to survive the cold. During this cold snap, some homeowners begin to see activity of [...]

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Were you aware how dangerous bed bugs can be?

It won’t be wrong if we state that bed bugs are the most hated pest worldwide. We agree that this pesky pest does not show strong signs of health hazards, but their presence spreads a sense of annoyance. Thriving on the blood of humans and animals, bed bugs are a reason for homeowners to panic, [...]

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Pest control Pakistan

Pest control Pakistan Pest control Pakistan industries, TPL Services have been serving  pest control industry since 1990. We are specialized in stored products fumigation, termite proofing and other structural pests control. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats / mice, flies, ants, bed bugs and beetles control in residential and commercial sectors are handled ecologically. Group of Entomologists are [...]

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how to control flies?

How to control flies? Flies control in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. flies control can be much better manageable on the basis of their basic facts as under: Flies Facts 1. One female house fly can lay over 600 eggs during her 25 days lifetime. 2. There are estimated to be 10,000 flies for every single [...]

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Quarantine fumigation and phytocertificate

Quarantine fumigation and phyto certificate quarantine fumigation certificate is issued by The Planters (Pvt) Limited - (TPL Services ) on authorization by Department of Plant Protection. This certificate are issued to export shipment in container, ships and cargo planes. phytosanitary certificates Phytosanitary certificates are issued to indicate that consignments of plants, plant products or other [...]

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WASPS & BEES CONTROL More than 100 species of wasps & bees inhabit Pakistan, of which a good number, are social creatures that live in colonies ranging from half a dozen to 15,000 members. The females have egg-laying structures called ovipositors, which also work as stingers and can inflict painful stings when provoked. The most [...]

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