Mold Control

Mold Inspections

Suspect Mold? Has your property experienced a flood or other water intrusion event, do you smell unexplained musty odors, or feel ill indoors  but fine when you leave, if so call today to schedule your mold inspection!

Mold Testing

Mold testing involves the collection of samples to assess that mold growth has occurred and that indoor mold growth has negatively impacted the indoor air quality. Testing includes surface sampling & air sampling!

Mold Removal

Mold remediation means REMOVE the mold and to correct the problems that caused the growth to begin with.When you find mold, it usually means there is a moisture problem or a water leak. Call the professionals!

Free Estimates

Mold damage repair and restoration, we offer full-time professional mold damage repair and restoration to rebuild,repair, and restore your Toronto GTA home from mold damage. Call to schedule your estimate today!