Rodent infestation can cost your business its reputation. Believe it or not, but the presence of rats or mice at a business location are known to have a range of adverse effects. Starting from unhappy employees to unhappy customers. Hence, the issue can never be overlooked.

Many times, the business is unaware that they are sheltering these rodents. They only come to know once they spot one with naked eyes. At certain times, this might prove to be highly disadvantageous for the business. Especially for the ones dealing with food.

So, the million-dollar question is when to call for professional commercial rodent control services? Based on the experience and knowledge of various rodent control companies in ISB & RWP, here are a few factors that give you solid proof of the presence of rodents in the property. Take a good look

Animal Droppings

The most evident sign of the presence of pests is their droppings. Once the pest moves to a location, the first signs of its prevalence are made prominent with the evidence of fecal droppings or urine. The good news is that the droppings of animals like rats and mice are easy to spot.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for an annual pest control inspection. Professionals inspect the area thoroughly and act as required. This saves a business lot of damage, destruction, money and above all its reputation.

Proof of Nesting  

Majority animals build a secure place to live in. The facility staff should always stay alert and sense any such activity. It is wise to not ignore signs like shredded paper, or chipped grass clippings etc.

Remember, these pests usually follow a trend of building their homes away from traffic. So, a thorough internal check is very necessary.

Grease Trails and Tracks

Rodents have peculiar habits. They often use the same route to commute from their nests. Hence, they tend to leave dirt and grease marks on the ground as they drag their bodies in the entire transportation process.

Structural Damage

 This is the most common evidence. Prominent bite marks or holes in the property are strong indications of rodent infestation. They often target wall skirtings, furniture, shelving or wires for gnawing. If you witness any such signs of damage, call professional services immediately.

Businesses are often advised to go for timely pest control services and not wait until a pest is witnessed. This will help keep their business protected.