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31 Years of pest control innovation and expertise

The Planters Pvt Ltd started out as an idea of entomologist, Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Mirza, and has grown into the Pakistan’s leading commercial pest control company and the most recognized brand in the industry.

Since our first commercial pest control contact treating the ware houses of World Food Program (WFP) in the twin cities, we have been committed to protecting homes and businesses from damaging pest infestations through pest expertise, service excellence and leading innovation.

We are specialized in stored products fumigation, termite proofing and other structural pests control. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats / mice, flies, ants, bed bugs and beetles control in residential and commercial sectors are handled ecologically. Group of Entomologists are our back up technical support to solve your problem quickly. Our all technicians are trained, certified and uniformed. TPL services always offer customized, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions to ensure a safe and effective control of pests. We are representing world’s renowned pest control suppliers in Pakistan on whole sales prices.

Global affiliations and partnerships

In order to help our customers address emerging trends, meet new legislative requirements, solve complex pest challenges and protect their brands, we have partnered with global industry bodies and initiated joint efforts to harness technology and innovation, advance food safety and raise the quality of pest control through consumer programs, educational activities and standards adherence.

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