• Attarat Gel Quick View
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      Attarat Gel Quick View
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    • Attarat Gel

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    • Our finest quality Rat Glue is highly adhesive and has long lasting effect. It does not solidify on room temperature. It is eco-friendly and nontoxic product. The glue stuck on hands or clothes can be cleaned-up with gasoline or kerosene.
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  • Bird Repellent Quick View
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      Bird Repellent Quick View
    • Bird Repellent

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    • s a pure Korean (Made in Kores) product, the radiated sound wave/sound pressure created by accumulating over 20 years of development/production/OEM delivery experience is High Pitch-Random Shock-Scratch-Pre-Concierge (High Pitch-Random Shock). -Scratch-Frequency) of the final-design-adopted, sound pressure is extracted sharply and profanely like an awl, and is the first of allogeneic-competitor products to pressurize/inflict migraine/intraocular pressure on the hearing organs of…
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  • Electromagnetic Pest Repeller Quick View
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      Electromagnetic Pest Repeller Quick View
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    • Electromagnetic Pest Repeller

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    • This machine will have a good effect on 50-80 square meters in the room. Besides repelling mosquitoes and rats. This machine may be able to repel and rats. The ultrasonic sent out from this machine is away from human listening range, they will not do harm to human and pets, also will not affect. On the home device  This machine…
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