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The 5400 Series provides the comfort and protection you would expect from North, at an unbeatable price. No other full facepiece in its price range offers such quality, engineering and attention to detail. Weighing only 14 ounces, the 5400’s lightweight design offers a level of comfort that ensures greater worker acceptance. Plus, its facepiece seal is made from a soft, pliable elastomesr material with high chemical resistance to assure excellent comfort, fit and performance.

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Features and Benefits:
• Each facepiece comes with three peel-away windows, six respirator wipes and a storage bag.
• Oral nasal cup reduces fogging and lessens dead air space to improve worker comfort by limiting re-breathing of exhaled air.
• Chin cup helps to position the facepiece properly.
• Hard-coated polycarbonate lens affords an over 200° field of vision, provides excellent optics, is scratch resistant and meets ANSI standards for impact and penetration resistance.
• Two overlapping sizes, small and medium/large, will comfortably fit most users.
• With many of the same components of the 7600 Series facepiece, replacement part inventory will be reduced.
• North 5400 Series Full Facepieces are compatible with all North cartridges, filters and accessories.
• Sizes: Small and Medium/Large


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