Plant Growth Regulator


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Function of Plant growth regulator 

1. Increase plant or crop yield
2.  Can be used to increase stem length in a number of flower crops grown for the flower trade.
3. Can stimulate plant stem elongation by stimulating cell division and elongation.Improve establishment and growth of young plants produced from cuttings, seed or plugs.
4. has been proved from production practice for many years that the application of  plant regulator has signification effect in raising the yield of rice, wheat, corn, vegetable, fruit, etc

1:  should be complied with stipulation of inflammables.
2: The emulsion of  should not be mixed with alkalescence pesticide.
3: Please prescript in time of using , as the liquid can’t be stored for a period of time.
4: Place  in low temperature, shelter from light and dry condition.


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